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Sparkling Orange Burnarj
Burnarj is a sparkling wine that is made from natural oranges in the city of Palma de la Rio, thanks to the entrepreneurial determination of its creator María Dolores Jiménez.

The manufacturing process of Burnarj is similar to that used for the production of the cava, where the second fermentation takes place in the bottle. Bubbles are formed naturally, due to the carbon released from the fermentation of orange juice.

Tasting note:
The nose has the presence of bitter orange, orange blossom, a touch of grapefruit and other fruits of the citrus family.
On the palate, the entrance is intense as the orange flavor envelops the entire oral cavity while its passage through the mouth accompanies the citrus flavors.

The proposed pairing for this sparkling wine goes from the foie accompanied by bitter orange, passing through the mollusks and crustaceans since the acidity of Burnarj counteracts the salinity of the seafood. The luscious rices, the blacks with all-i-oli or the fideuá are also good companions of this drink, as well as the blue fish or the white meats, as long as these are accompanied with garnishes of fruits such as peach, citrus or tropical. In the latter case, the pairing would accompany the assimilation of citrus. When it is combined with a dessert, it is recommended to make it with chocolate and mint or with pure chocolate.

Mara de Miguel, sommelier who has worked for the brand, says: "I think it's an ideal drink to work in cocktails, since it can fill a space that until now was empty." In this sense proposes several cocktails as the result of mixing Burnarj , vodka and grenadine The world of gin and tonic could also be served by combining three parts of Burnarj and one of gin, adding a touch of ginger, thus saving the tonic by having the citrus component present.